Pirelli P-Zero Slick

Pirelli P-Zero Slick

The Pirelli P-Zero Slick tyres are an innovative combination of technology and performance designed for both dry and wet surfaces.

The circuit racing full slick tyres are extremely durable delivering consistent performance and excellent mileage.

With unmatchable motorsport technology, the Pirelli P-Zero slick features a tread compound named silica and black carbon rendering maximum traction, balance and control.

Available in soft, super soft, medium and hard compounds, these Pirelli tyres symbolize quality and performance.

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Pirelli P-Zero Slick Size Data


SizeCompoundRim width Overall diameter (mm)Tread width (mm)Section width (mm)
200/600/16D3, D56.5-7.57595202192
245/620/17D3, D57.5-8.58621238235
245/645/18DH, DM, DS8.5-9.59649258240
265/645/18DM, DS7.5-8.510650235226
285/645/18DH, DM, DS9.5-10.510655285280
305/645/18DH, DM, DS10.5-11.511654305285
305/680/18DH, DM, DS10.5-11.511684304285
325/650/18DH, DM, DS, DSS11.5-12.512650324300
325/705/18DH, DM, DS, DSS12.5-13.513707353315
235/645/19DM, DS7.5-8.58651230226
295/680/19DM, DS10-1110.5690285275
305/680/19DH, DM, DS10.5-11.511684304285
325/705/18DH, DM, DS, DSS12.5-13.513707353315

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16, 17, 18, 19


200, 235, 245, 255, 265, 285, 295, 305, 325


600, 620, 645, 650, 680, 705


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