Pirelli P Zero Trofeo

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo

Pirelli P ZERO TROFEO is a uniquely designed tyre for street performance and track use.

Pirelli P ZERO TROFEO feature an asymmetric tread pattern for maximum dry grip and traction.

With great stability and consistency, Pirelli P ZERO TROFEO tyres promise incredible lateral grip and maximum road contact.


Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Size Data

SizeSpeed RatingApplicationOverall DiameterSection WidthRim Size (Recommended)
235/40/1895YGT3 RS, Boxster, Cayman S6502448.0-9.0
245/40/1897YLancer EVO X, Impreza WRX STI6582558.5-9.5
265/40/18101YBoxster, Cayman S (R)6722829.0-10.0
265/35/18R Porsche Boxster6472829J – 9.5J – 10J – 10.5J
295/30/1898YGT3 RS63730510.0-11.0
235/35/1991Y430 Scuderia, GT3 RS, Cayman S, 911 GT2, Lamb Gall (F)6512398.0-9.0
245/35/1993YBMW M3 (F)6522578.5-9.5
265/35/1998YCayman S, BMW Mr (R)6722829.0-10.0
295/30/19100YLambo Gallardo66530210.0-11.0
305/30/19102YGT3 RS (R)66532010.5-11.5
325/30/19101Y911 GT2 (R)68233511.0-12.0

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17, 18, 19


30, 35, 40, 45


205, 235, 245, 265, 295, 305, 325


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